What we offer

Commplete Services

Commplete is proud to be able to offer our customers a wide variety of services across the telelcommunication and broadcast networks, from a full turn-key greenfield network site to a co-locate.

All of the Commplete crew have been hand selected for their skills so that Commplete is able to offer a wide varity of specialised services. We have expert telecommunications riggers, specialised civils crew, multiskilled technicians and an experienced project management team.

See below an insight into the services offered by Commplete.

  • Full turnkey, greenfield radio network facility construction

    We offer a complete turn-key construction solution. Our team will manage your network site build from early conception and survey through to site testing and network integration.

  • Site testing and integration services, including sweep PIM and RFC testing

    Our experienced technical team will manage site testing and network integrations. We maintain a high standard of calibrated testing equipment including, sweep, PIM and RFC testers.   

  • Site preparation and access track construction

    Our civil teams and fleet of heavy vehicles and plant equipment make short work of bulk earthworks for access and site preparation. We are well versed in the current telco specifications and Australian Standards to ensure your site preparation works are completed to the highest standard.

  • Rapid deployment and remote solar site radio facility construction

    Our fleet of 4WD, light and heavy construction vehicles enables rapid deployment to remote sites for construction and repair work including solar array and battery installation and commission.

  • Radio frequency system installation, including mount fabrication, antenna, coaxial and Hybrid fibre/DC cabling, and all associated structure-mounted hardware

    We provide supply and rigging installation services across all radio technologies including 3G, 4G, 5G, microwave, GRN, radar and satellite.

  • Underground infrastructure excavation and installation for power, communications, lightning protection and site drainage

    All our excavation services are completed in house with modern and well maintained plant and equipment. We poses small to medium size excavators, trenchers and compaction equipment.

  • Site demolition and recovery works

    Our management and rigging team are highly experienced with structure demolition and recovery works. From simple antenna removal works through to licensed structural demolition, the works are risk assessed, planned and executed with safety and environmental management paramount.  

  • Telecommunication compound construction including Security fencing, retaining walls and landscaping

    We supply and install facility compounds to customer specifications. Our construction teams pride themselves on ensuring the final presentation of the site reflects our quality and customer service values.

  • Building remediation and structural upgrades

    We offer all structural upgrade works including, tower, monopole and mast upgrade works, from foundation upgrades through to steel strengthening and guy wire replacement.

  • Lightening protection and AC system installation and testing

    Our drilling equipment includes augur, top hole hammer and down hole drilling capabilities for the installation of lightening protection earth electrodes. All installations are resistance tested with our calibrated equipment to confirm required levels have been achieved

  • Rock anchor drilling, installation and testing

    All rock anchoring drilling and grouting services. We have a range of hydraulic equipment for pull tensioning testing and reporting.

  • Structural audit, inspections and reporting services

    Broadcast and telecommunications structural auditing including testing and  evaluation of coating protection systems.

  • Warehousing and logistics

    Full logistics capabilities including warehousing, transport and crane trucks.

  • Installation, testing and certification of safety, restraint and arrest systems including Lad-Saf, static line, rooftop anchor and handrailing

    All our rigging personnel are certified with restraint and ladsaf system installations 

  • Tower and structural foundation works

    Inhouse excavation and drilling services using our owned and operated plant equipment